Discovering Romania

Discovering Romania – from Dracula to
Constantin Brancusi’s modern sculpture

This is one of the most inspiring journeys in Romania. In two days, you will see some of the most beautiful monasteries in Romania, Targu Jiu – Brancusi’s Art City and Scornicesti – the birth village of ex-communist president Ceausescu. The itinerary will cover the following:

1st DAY:
Bucharest, Targoviste – visits to the Princely Court and Church, Curtea de Arges  Monastery, Corbii de Piatra (Stone Ravens) Monastery, Pitesti, Ramnicu Valcea, one night accomodation at Ranca (10 hours).

2nd DAY:
Departure from Ranca at 9.00 o’clock, Targu Jiu  – visit Constantin Brancusi World War I monuments, Hobita  – Brancusi Memorial House, Scornicesti  – the ex-communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu’s birth village, Bucharest. (9 hours).

Included Services:  1 night accommodation in a 3 star hotel, transport, certified natonal guide.
Meals not included. Lunch/dinner reservations upon request.
Photo tax not included.

Vlad Tepes in Victor Hugo’s “Légende des Siècles”

Romanians have a great deal of respect for Prince Vlad Tepes – The Impaler (known in Western Europe as Count Dracula) , for he was a great ruler and a fearless fighter against the Ottoman threat. Vlad Tepes was famous for his cruelty against the Ottomans, and for his keen sense of justice. He is remembered as the ruler in whose time one wasn’t afraid of being robbed in the street, considering that the Middle Age was a dangerous era for travelers. According to Romanian chronicles, during Vlad Tepes’ reign, thieves were impaled to on stakes if they were caught. Thus, according to a Romanian legend, one golden cup was left at the fountain at Targoviste Princely Court for the thirsty travelers to drink; no one dared to take it away. The cup disappeared several years later, after Vlad Tepes’ death.

In his “Légende des Siècles”, Victor Hugo describes how Vlad Tepes won the battle against Sultan Mahomed ‘s army , who came to conquer Wallachia. On their way to Targoviste, the capital of Wallachia, the Ottomans were shocked by the view of burning houses and fields. Furthermore, the water in the fountains was poisoned and no food could be found. When they arrived near Targoviste, a grotesque image unfolded in front of them: twenty thousand dead Ottoman prisoners were impaled on stakes , in the field surrounding the fortress.  Scared and horrified by the cruelty of the Romanian Prince, the Ottoman officers decided to retreat and let Vlad Tepes win the battle, that did not even take place.


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